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Save Money......Dog Leg Cast & Bandage Replacements Do Get Expensive! When our rescue greyhound, Cash, broke his leg he came out of surgery with a very large bandage. Our veterinarian told us we must keep it clean and dry! This is what inspired me to create the CLEAN/BREAK™ CAST, BANDAGE, SPLINT & BRACE PROTECTOR for dogs & puppies with cast or bandages on their legs.

The upper part of the protector is made of lightweight flexible fabric. The paw area (boot) is made of abrasion resistant material for greater durability. Both of these materials are water resistant.

As you can see in the pictures, there is an opening to make it easy to slip the CLEAN/BREAK™ CAST, BANDAGE, SPLINT & BRACE PROTECTOR on. This also allows it to be used on your pet's back leg injuries.

There are 2 Velcro straps which adjust to most every size bandage wrap and cast thickness. These Velcro straps add to the ease of use for you the dog owner and your dog.

Dog rescues, veterinarians, animal adoption centers, humane society's and pet store owners can benefit from using and recommending the CLEAN/BREAK™ CAST, BANDAGE, SPLINT & BRACE PROTECTOR to clients for improving healing time and getting the client's dog or puppy back to full capability.

Why use CLEAN/BREAK™ Protectors?

The veterinarian says to "keep the bandage or cast clean and dry"

  • The CLEAN/BREAK™ Cast, Bandage, Splint & Brace Protector is resistant to water, urine, dirt, sand etc.
  • The paw area is made of abrasion resistant material for greater protection against dragging
  • The Velcro straps can easily be adjusted around your dog or puppy's cast, bandage, splint or brace
  • The CLEAN/BREAK™ Cast, Bandage, Splint & Brace Protector can be used on most canine front or back legs
  • The slit in CLEAN/BREAK's™ Cast, Bandage, Splint & Brace Protector makes it easier to slip the protector on your dog or puppy and allows for greater adjustability
  • The CLEAN/BREAK™ Cast, Bandage, Splint & Brace Protector is comfortable for your dog or puppy to wear.
  •  The CLEAN/BREAK™ Cast, Bandage, Splint & Brace Protector comes with a replaceable Extra Protection Strip that will help extend the life of the Protector




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CLEAN/BREAK  Cast, Bandage, Splint & Brace Protectors.......QUALITY & SATISFACTION

Clean/Break™ Cast, Bandage, Splint & Brace Protector for dog leg injuries and dog leg breaks. When the veterinarian says keep it clean and dry this cover protects from water, dirt, urine, sand. The upper is made of breathable micro-porous fabric which reduces the chance of moisture by sweating. The paw area (boot) is made of abrasion resistant material which goes past toe area offering greater protection if your dog drags his paw. Velcro straps easily adjusted around the cast/bandage. It can be used on most canine front and back leg injuries. A slit in the protector makes it easier to slip on and allows for greater adjustability.

Many size choices.....custom sizing upon request
(See "How to Measure" page for additional information)

                  What is an Extra Protection Strip (ExPS)?
An Extra Protection Strip (ExPS) is a  strip of non-slip rubber like material that is easily attached from the front to the back of the "boot" part of the Protector. Each Protector comes with 1 Extra Protection Strip.  If you purchase a CLEAN/BREAK Protector for a dog that is largeactive, walks on cement or gravel, drags his injured leg, or will be in a cast, bandage, splint or brace for an extended period of time, additional ExPS's are highly recommended to extend the life of the "boot".  Extra Protection Strips are available in packs of 3.  When the strip wears out, you just replace it instead of the whole Protector. 


CLEAN/BREAK'S™ "Lick Mitt"


 The Lick Mitt is an indoor protector made of a lightweight breathable & water resistant fabric with a no-slip bottom.  It does not have the heavy duty foot reinforcement, or the slit. JUST $14.95 plus shipping! It can be used on those dogs that insist on licking at their cast, bandage, or hotspot. Let them lick CLEAN/BREAK's™ Lick Mitt™ instead of ruining their bandage or cast. It works much like a sock, only it has 2 Velcro straps to keep it on. SORRY, the Lick Mitt™ is NOT chew proof!
Ask us about our new "Mitt-less Lick Mitt"
For dogs that do not need foot protection

CLEAN/BREAK Bandage and Cast Protectors is UpFront


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